• 27 August 2018
Περιγραφή έργου


About Photoscholiki...

The company Photoscholiki specializes in school commemoratives construction, school gifts and calendars. Photoscholiki started the successful activity in 1994, and consequently more than 20 years of experience are counted. It is located in Eginio of Pieria and there's also a branch in Thessaloniki. 

We Chose Drupal

Drupal is the most powerful website and e-shop development platform and the best solution for the businesses in terms of content management and flexibility.

With Drupal we achieved easy management, safety in electronic commerce transactions, optimized ranking in search engines, speed of response, quick web functionality, web design aesthetics!


The aim of the project is the development of a website and an e-shop with a totally user-friendly interface with interaction features with the customer. This has been achieved with the usage of images, readable and understandable information buttons and filters, and easy procedure of the order completion.

Εκδήλωση Ενδιαφέροντος
  • Skills
    • Design
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript
    • Backend

Company Fotosxoliki specializes in the production of school souvenirs, memories and calendars, and successfully started its business activities in 1994, counting over 20 years of presence in the field.