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Epsilon Informatics offers a complete portable invoicing system, provided with a special industrially-constructed suitcase which can be transferred on a car, Epsilon-Ex Van.

Epsilon-Ex Van βαλίτσα

Industrially-Constructed Suitcase

The Epsilon-Ex Van solution includes

  • Special impact printer with the capability of term voucher duplication
  • Tablet 10"
  • Wireless Bluetooth kit for printing term vouchers without cable for printer connection
  • Power supply with capability to work both on 12V and 24V without any change to the vehicle or the suitcase. Integrated cables for tablet charging.
  • Fuse attached on suitcase for security
  • Special software for portable invoicing system with touch interface and capability to print all the term vouchers ( retail receipt, invoice, non-invoiced supplies term voucher )
  • Connector for connecting the software to the most important commercial-accounting software
  • High capability to adjust to any user, vehicle, branch office etc.
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